Making The “Tin Can” A Tiny Home….

As my Aunt Sue lovingly pointed out when she heard about this project “you’ll freeze your ass off in that tin can!!” I assured her that I will do no such thing. As part of this plan to not freeze my ass off, Steve and I found a spray foam insulation kit on E-Bay and this weekend Steve applied the insulation. And finally, followers get a glimpse of the man behind the madness… Worker Steve. He works, and his name is Steve. Some of you know him, others wonder who this crazy man is… well I guess those of us who know him also wonder. Anyhoo, he looks dashing in his Hazmat suit, doesn’t he? A bonus: he’s also prepared for an Ebola outbreak.

But before Steve could spray, we had to prepare the bus. Here is where all those episodes of Scandal and Dexter paid off…


Windows sealed off with plastic and tape


The front of the bus covered with a plastic curtain to prevent insulation from getting everywhere

Kelsey covering up the ceiling emergency exit

Kelsey covering up the ceiling emergency exit

We also cleaned and covered the back door so we can spray paint it shiny white. I’m thinking about adding a stencil graffiti on the bottom left… any ideas?


Here is a shot of the spray kit. It came with a 14 page list of safety precautions… Hazmat suit not included.


I love the way the bus looks like the inside of a pillow with the insulation in! So warm and cozy….

Look how much warmer it looks already!

Look how much warmer it looks already!


Here is the second part of making the tin can warm… reflective insulation.


Another item of interest… here is the butcher block counter top which will go on one side of the kitchen.

butcher block countertop

butcher block countertop

We have two donations as well. Kevin is going to bring us some lovely marble for the other kitchen counter, and Mark is donating a kitchen sink. Thanks guys, you are making our budget happy!!


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