How to Install a Roof Vent in a Bus

It’s the little things that can really take up a whole lot of time, energy, and wear and tear on tools…. This excerpt is from Worker Steve, who is recovering today from his battle with the roof vent… enjoy!
One of the two Emergency Hatches in the roof of the bus was broken and needed to be replaced.  I called a bus surplus supplier to get a replacement but they didn’t have one so I decided this would be a good opportunity to replace the leaky hatch with a skylight/vent.  I found one on Ebay for a good price so I bought it.
The plan was just to remove the old hatch and replace it with the new vent.  Step One: Remove the old hatch and patch the hole with metal saved from the bus ceiling.  Measure out the metal and cut it with a jigsaw.  Break the jigsaw.  Try to repair the jigsaw.  Decide to buy a new jigsaw.
Meanwhile, Step Two: Remove the framing for the old bus hatch.  Discover that it has been glued down with some kind of super NASA inspired black tar adhesive that was tougher than my resolve with a sawzall.  Realize that the old hatch frame isn’t going anywhere easily so why fight it.
Give up on the metal patch and decide to use wood.  Pull apart a trellis I used to grow cucumbers so I can salvage some treated lumber.  Dig around in the wood shop for a remnant of EPDM roofing I think I saved from a pond I built.  Find the remnant and decide I really should glue it to my my new wood structure with contact cement.  Drink a couple beers and decide I’m too impatient to wait for the contact cement and have a staple gun and silicone caulk that will do the job.
Staple, caulk, staple, caulk, go to bed.  Wake up and think it was probably not the best idea but I’m in for more than a penny.  Install the new hatch cover by climbing on the roof and beating it with a hammer a few times to make it fit.  Lots more silicone.
I think this will work.

I can’t begin to list all the ways this vent is going to make tiny home living more awesome. Thanks Steve!!!!


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