Well it’s been a few weeks since the last blog about my tiny home. Since the last post, the windows have been framed in…

windows framed in

The ceiling was insulated…

Tyler making holes in the metal framing with titanium drill bit...

Tyler making holes in the metal framing with titanium drill bit.

Tyler will have to sit on the bus mostly, because he’s 6’4″ or so.

windows framed in1

and there were a couple of firsts on the bus!

Takeout Chinese food, the first meal on the bus!

Takeout Chinese food, the first meal on the bus!

Taylor graduation cap - the first DIY project on the bus!

Taylor’s graduation cap – the first DIY project on the bus!

Also, Lucy’s first visit to Steve’s house. She enjoyed running around Steve’s yard, with Pablo and Roscoe close behind her. The bus was warm and bright, even though it was a cold day. That insulation is going to pay off.

Lucy was a big hit with Pablo and Roscoe

Lucy was a big hit with Pablo and Roscoe

I also found a really great deal on a washer/dryer combo that will be perfect for the bus. I found it on Craigslist, and the man who sold it to me turned out to be a social worker. He shared his adventure on a converted bus with me in an email. I have to share it!

“I so enjoyed reading your blog about the bus —you really have an adventuresome spirit that is going to pay you huge dividends of joy and excitement today and into your future!  Back in 1975 a friend and I bought a utility van ( at an auction!) from Tampa Electric Co.  and converted it into a camper. We traveled from Tampa Fla to South Dakota to Boulder Colorado to Eugene Oregon to San Francisco over three months. We never drove on the interstate or more than a 4/5 hours in a day. Stayed mostly at parks and campgrounds, My friend stayed in San Fran to live and I drove  myself to Knoxville and entered into the School of Social Work at UT in 76.  That was the last time I had a three month vacation until I retired!! Hope you have lots of fun with your new home.”

Thanks for the encouragement John! Here is the beautiful washer/dryer…


Steve also insulated two windows that we have to close off. We will close off 4 total for design purposes. You can see a little bit of the ceiling in this picture, where the plywood has been installed and will be painted white.



These windows are blocked in to make room for the bathroom. Two windows on the other side will be blocked in for the storage/closet area.

Next up on the to-buy list is an HVAC unit, our last expensive item. In the meantime, Kevin has arrived in Tennessee and he and Steve are working on the bus… I can’t wait to see what they are doing!


2 thoughts on “Anticipation….

  1. I’ve been following your build for quite some time. I love what you have done with it. I’m wondering if you’ve encountered any condensation issues in the bus from the roof or anywhere. It looks like you’ve done a good job with the spray foam insulation and furring strips, which probably resolves any condensation issues, but wanted to ask anyway. Are the screws that are holding the furring strips and ceiling in place condensating at all? Did you end up using the bead board for the ceiling? Did you insulated your floor prior to laying down the floor covering? Thank you so much!


    • There have been some condensation issues! I live in a rainforest, so there’s that. Also when I cook things like rice the inside of the bus gets pretty humid. I have had to be careful about mold and run the mini split at times just to remove some humidity. As far as in between the ceiling (which ended up not being the bead board because they didn’t have enough good pieces at the Restore) and the roof of the bus… I don’t think we have a problem but of course I can’t see in there. The floor was insulated, but only 1/2 inch because the bus is already short on head space so we had to minimize the space we lost with insulation in the floor. Thanks for your interest, sorry it took so long to reply. I haven’t been keeping up with the site very well…


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