Effie the Effing Bus

My cousin Katie gave the bus a nickname… and I am sure that Steve and Kevin used it often in the past few weeks. The weather has been less than amazing in Tennessee, and they were trying to get as much accomplished while Kevin was still in town despite the cold, crappy weather.


Kevin got a little frustrated one day and started just throwing large pieces of metal around….

They have been making huge messes in the yard and frightening the chickens with their noisy machines! All while enduring arctic-like temperatures….


The Worksite

One day was devoted to getting the bus out of the ground, as it has been slowly sinking into the back yard. They jacked the bus up and put boards under the tires… We still haven’t addressed the dead battery issue, but we do have a plan.

IMG_2300Ā  IMG_2302On the inside, the bus is looking like a home! Check it out….


This is the view from the front door of the bus…


The salvaged door works great as a countertop!! Check out the free sink (thank you again Mark) and towards the back right you can see the walls for the shower..

… and finally, here you are looking from the back of the bus towards the front. Check out the washer/dryer, refrigerator/freezer, and the beautiful floor!


Yay!!!! Awe Effie, you’re looking so Effing good!

This will probably be the last update for awhile. Steve is going to rest and I am going to catch up on some credit card payments šŸ™‚ But we are looking good regarding our budget and the estimated time of completion! We are also discussing housewarming party plans!

Stay tuned for completion of the big stuff, finishing touches, and then Freeluftsliv’s first party!


8 thoughts on “Effie the Effing Bus

  1. Looking great! Muuuuuch better than my friend’s bus; but, he was a terminal bachelor. I’d still love to do this as well.


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