I have been meaning to do this for awhile…. Steve keeps sending awesome pictures of the tinyhomebus transformation. I am going to try to go in chronological order here… check it out~

Here is the storage cabinet that Steve has built, it's towards the back of the bus just past the kitchen

Here is the storage cabinet that Steve has built, it’s towards the back of the bus just past the kitchen


To the right you see where the bed will be, right across from the storage cabinet. I’m excited that we had room for a “real” refrigerator!


This is the bed. I asked for it to be open to the rest of the bus so it can be more seating during the day. Above the bed on the wall is the heating and air unit!

This little wall at the front of the bus turned out really sweet…


This was hard to build.



I love this little cubby!! It’s on the left as you go up the stairs.


Lots of shelves for storage in the kitchen. At the far end you can see the entertainment center, which is going to to be very special but I won’t tell you why yet. It’s a surprise.


I don’t know what this is, but it is very important!


The finished wall at the front and a better view of the entertainment center.


Toilet on the right, shower on the left




Staining the cabinets…

I have been hunting for a place to park the bus for awhile, and I have tentatively found a spot in Madison County where I work. If you decide to do something like this beware, it will make you seriously consider quitting your job and just driving around the country for awhile. I can’t do that just yet… will have to park it somewhere and continue to make MONEY because apparently that’s what makes the freaking WORLD go around. Sigh. But someday, Effie, Kora and I are going to take to the highway. Yay!


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