Tiny Bus World

So, a lot has happened since my last post. Let’s start with First Visitors….

Taylor and Tyler came to visit us on the bus! We spent some time showing them around Asheville, and had the first Party on the bus – frozen pizzas and dance party. They were very gracious guests, and said they really slept well in their car… luckily Tyler had recently purchased a Subaru with a hatchback, so they put a mattress in it and said it was fine… they are young and adventurous. Tyler is 6’4″, so he had a new perspective on the height of the ceiling of the bus. I think the hardest part for him was taking a shower.


Taylor and Tyler got me some awesome artwork to hang on the bus… it’s perfect!



Kelsey cooked up a few fantastic meals in the fully equipped kitchen – she and Lucy lived on the bus with Kora and me from July through December.



Here are some random photos: fall leaves from the back door of the bus, family photos in the windowsill, bus lit up at night, Christmas lights and Kevin’s butterfly, a sunny day on the bus, and a katydid.


There were a few challenges on the bus. The main issue was the refrigerator, which was basically a large cooler a lot. The first time it broke, they replaced it after a few weeks. The second time, it quit working after a power outage and Haier said that it was no longer under warranty because I didn’t think to unplug it before the power went back on. This is when I decided that Haier sucks. I called a local repair shop and the guy said “Haier is a cheap Chinese refrigerator, throw it away.” He refused to even look at it. This is when I realized that my discovery that Haier sucks is not a discovery.

After a couple more weeks of hauling ice, I went out on the internet and found a service manual. I found that there is a “reset button” on the control board, and I fixed the damned thing myself. I was very proud. Never buy a Haier.


Here is a picture I took to send to Steve to see if he could help me fix it from TN… the reset button is not in this picture. This was the first time I took the control board out and tried to fix it. I think I did this three times.


Other issue has been the location, with the rain and the red clay that turns to mud. Lots of laundry, lots of dust.

At one point my landlord had an excavation crew up here digging the hill next to the bus up. This involved unhooking our power and water all day. So that was a bit inconvenient. Sigh. Not to mention a bulldozer and two dump trucks doing their business 5 feet from the bus. That went on for about a week. No pictures of that, folks. Just the memories.


Moving right along! Halloween on the bus…. Kelsey had two costumes for two different parties.


Kelsey got a job at The Biltmore Estate, and we got to take the candlelight tour. Here’s The Biltmore at night and their big Christmas tree… it was beautiful!




Back to the bus… Kelsey and Lucy moved out last month and have a cute little apartment in Arden. At this point, I’m looking for a place to park it that is more permanent, hopefully my own piece of land. I plan to move it by June, mostly because the plates expire after that and I am not sure about getting the tags renewed. So, if anyone has any suggestions about land in the Asheville area please let me know!

Finally, here are a few more pictures… I really love the bus, it’s cozy and it has everything I need. Getting the land it’s parked on to be more ideal will make it perfect. The adventure continues!!


Christmas lights have really added some ambiance 🙂


I really love the kitchen, and the pullout table.


Mountain view from the back of the bus!



Kora and Lucy hog the couch…



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    • I have a small 28 gal water heater and a mini-split heater/ac unit. They are both doing the trick! The only thing I would do differently is get the upgrade on the mini-split, this one cuts on and off a lot and I believe there is one that doesn’t do that so much.


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